THE OSB WHO SAID WHAT? | Kayli’s Post 2

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April 14, '20
by kayli

Back to work after a great Easter weekend! The rumour goes that the holy man himself stayed in his cave to isolate and promote social distancing but we celebrated anyway with loads of sun and cold beers, from inside our houses of course 😉🍻

Again we want to thank all of you for the massive support! The old English ale ‘Not On The Menu’ is now completely sold out and our pale ale, ‘Infinite Bliss’ we canned last week, sold out within a few days! No need to panic; Infinite Bliss’ will be back soon as we are canning this and the new IPA on Wednesday.

Of course, we are also still brewing and you can expect a new sour beer in two weeks!

- kayli

Old Street Brewery Blog Post
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