Days to go



Money raised through crowdfunding will allow us to achieve:

New Brewing Kit - 5x increase in brewing capacity
Distribution of our beers to the local area
Canning machine to get our beers in 440ml cans
Planned installation of the new brewery - End of February 2019

Literally! We keep selling out of beer, you keep drinking it faster than we can make it, and we need to upgrade our humble kit to something a bit more weapon and start getting the beers a little further afield than E2. So, we’re asking you, our beloved customers and brewery friends to help us hit the next stage of our journey. We want to see our beers in pubs and fridges across the country.

It’s been an amazing first year here at Old Street Brewery! We’d like to thank all the great people who come to bring our taproom to life every week. It’s very humbling to see our beers being enjoyed by so many of you.

While we love brewing on our slightly archaic, very small 200-litre brewing kit, the time has now come for us to take the big leap and bring in a brewing kit that will allow us to increase our brewing capacity. Thanks to the great people at Pressure Drop Brewery, we’ll be purchasing their used brewing kit, which has brewed some of the best beers in the UK, and installing it into our taproom. Once up and running, this new brewing kit will allow us to finally distribute our beers to bars and pubs around London, get beer in cans, and most importantly, keep our taproom stocked with a wide range of beers to drink fresh from our serving tanks.

However, we need your help to make this dream a reality.

We’ve successfully raised £30,000 of the £40,000 required. So we’re asking all of our supporters to help us raise the final £10,000 to purchase the brewing kit, get it installed, and start making even more great beers. Once we hit this target we can get brewing!


The foundation of our crowdfunding is the pre-sale of beer, bar tabs, merchandise, and other perks. This allows us to use the upfront money to help pay for the new brewing equipment, with the special release beers and merchandise being distributed beginning in April once we have our new brewery up and running.

BONUS: All backer’s of our crowdfunding campaign will be invited to a private party at the taproom in April where we’ll be going all out to thank everyone who supports us. With a live band, free beer brewed specially for the night, and much more, it will be a night to remember at Old Street Brewery!

Many thanks in advance to all of you who choose to support us. We’d like to personally thank each of you the next time we see you in the taproom!


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Personalized Teku Glass

Pledge £15

Old Street Brewery logo'd Teku with your name on it!

Includes: Teku Glass

Old Street Brewery T-Shirt

Pledge £20

Exclusive OSB T-shirt for our crowdfunding backers

Includes: Backer T-Shirt

First OSB Can Release

Pledge £40

A 12-pack of our very first canned beer, to be released exclusively to our backers.

Includes: Exclusive 12-pack of beer

Filled 2L OSB Growler!

Pledge £40

Get an exclusive 2019 OSB Growler filled with beer!

Includes: OSB Growler + Beer

Old Street Brewery Hoodie

Pledge £45

Get an exclusive 2019 Backer hoodie!

Includes: Backer Hoodie

Teku + T-Shirt + 6-Pack

Pledge £50

Get a personalized Teku, a backer T-shirt and a 6 pack of beer!

Includes: Teku, T-shirt, 6-Pack of beer

10% Discount + Teku + T-Shirt + 6-Pack

Pledge £100

Get a 10% discount for 2019, a personalized Teku, a backer T-shirt and a 6 pack of beer!

Includes: 10% Discount (2019), Teku, T-shirt, 6-Pack of beer

Couple's Dinner + 10% Discount

Pledge £150

A meal for two in our taproom, free beer for two hours, and co-founder, Adam, as your personal waiter.

Includes: Couple's Dinner, 10% Discount (2019)

Name Your Fermenter + 10% Discount

Pledge £200

Baptise one of our new fermenters, and have the name on it forever!

Includes: Official naming of fermenter, 10% Discount (2019)

Brewery Experience and More!

Pledge £500

Brew a tailored recipe with your friends in the brewery and everyone gets t-shorts and discounts! (4 people).

Includes: Brew day, 4 t-shirts, 12-pack of beer, 10% discount (2019)

Pre-paid Tab (worth £65)

Pledge £50

A £65 prepaid tab in the OSB taproom.

Includes: £65 pre-paid tab

Pre-paid Tab (worth £150)

Pledge £100

A £150 prepaid tab in the OSB taproom.

Includes: £150 pre-paid tab

Equity Investor

Pledge £1000+

Become part on the team!

Includes: Equity + 25% Discount